gerrit rietveld

item: top: zig zag chair  bottom: steltman chair
designer: gerrit rietveld
material: zig zag chair, cherry and steltman chair, oak
photos via: rietveld-moebel and architonic 
comments: gerrit rietveld (1888-1964), was a dutch architect and designer and a member of the de stijl movement. the movement reflected harmony and order that came from abstraction and reduction of form and color. compositions contained straight horizontal and vertical elements, strong asymmetry and the link between the positive and negative space of the non objective forms. these two chairs embody the movement well. the zig zag chair, designed in 1934, contains four pieces joined with dovetail construction. the steltman chair, designed in 1963, is a wonder of asymmetrical design. both chairs are timeless, classic gems.