made: origami box

the base of these boxes is one of my favorite patterns called, "tsura" designed by tomoko fuse. the pattern is from the book written by her titled "origami boxes". it is made of two pieces that fit together to create a square cube that is so much fun to make. the paper i used is actually calendar pages from the typographic calendar designed by kit hinrichs of studio hinrichs. it's just too beautiful of a calendar to recycle so i save it for paper projects. fun! the lid is made from the "masu" box pattern with a sticker placed inside to keep it together. to finish, i thread the ribbon through a washer because it is simple and has just enough tension to hold the ribbon in place. bonus, the ribbon doesn't get wrinkled like it would if tied in a bow, which makes reusing it easier. yes, i am one of those people who reuses ribbon, and tissue, and wrapping paper. fact: making origami boxes is pretty high on my list of fun. paper geek, i know!