folda table and chairs, jordi gisbert and veronica coloma of ham & cheese

item: folda table and chairs
designers: jordi gisbert and veronica coloma of ham & cheese
photos via: ham & cheese
comments: jordi is a product designer and veronica is a graphic designer. together, they formed the design studio, ham & cheese. the folda table and chairs are designed for two users but can also adapt to four users. this is an elegant way to solve the problem of needing extra seating temporarily in small spaces. each chair is really two chairs, with one that fits inside the other. brilliant, your extra chairs are always at hand. no need for extra storage or chairs that don't match. the table expands also. the design is impeccable, the materials beautiful, the craftsmanship meticulous and the addition of color adds fun and contrast. please check out their website for more of their designs. love the thought, quality, and whimsy of their work, hope you do too.