mokusei lamp

item: mokusei lamp
designed by: asahi plywood industry
photos via: tortoise general store
comments: this lamp is made of twenty triangular pieces of cherry veneer. the end user assembles the pieces into either one large lamp or two lamps made of ten pieces each. love the translucent quality of the veneer, the texture, and the overlapping areas. nice.

linda ketelhut

items: digital collage illustrations
artist: linda ketelhut
images via: linda ketelhut
comments: these pieces are the work of a self-taught illustrator and surface designer from austin texas. wow, the color, composition and transparency are amazing. please check out her website and etsy shop for more of her work.

heath ceramics, dwell patterns

items: ceramic tiles
designed by: heath ceramics and dwell
images via: heath ceramics
comments: heath ceramics is an amazing mid century pottery company that designs and produces tableware and tile. the company was started by edith heath over fifty years ago. it is currently owned by robin petravic and catherine bailey who have carried on edith's commitment to design and environmentally responsible production methods. the images shown here are from a collaboration between heath and dwell. the collection consists of three tile shapes which can be configured into one, two, or three color combinations to create a variety of patterns. please check out the link above to see more of heath's designs. their work will not disappoint.

folda table and chairs, jordi gisbert and veronica coloma of ham & cheese

item: folda table and chairs
designers: jordi gisbert and veronica coloma of ham & cheese
photos via: ham & cheese
comments: jordi is a product designer and veronica is a graphic designer. together, they formed the design studio, ham & cheese. the folda table and chairs are designed for two users but can also adapt to four users. this is an elegant way to solve the problem of needing extra seating temporarily in small spaces. each chair is really two chairs, with one that fits inside the other. brilliant, your extra chairs are always at hand. no need for extra storage or chairs that don't match. the table expands also. the design is impeccable, the materials beautiful, the craftsmanship meticulous and the addition of color adds fun and contrast. please check out their website for more of their designs. love the thought, quality, and whimsy of their work, hope you do too.

made: origami box

the base of these boxes is one of my favorite patterns called, "tsura" designed by tomoko fuse. the pattern is from the book written by her titled "origami boxes". it is made of two pieces that fit together to create a square cube that is so much fun to make. the paper i used is actually calendar pages from the typographic calendar designed by kit hinrichs of studio hinrichs. it's just too beautiful of a calendar to recycle so i save it for paper projects. fun! the lid is made from the "masu" box pattern with a sticker placed inside to keep it together. to finish, i thread the ribbon through a washer because it is simple and has just enough tension to hold the ribbon in place. bonus, the ribbon doesn't get wrinkled like it would if tied in a bow, which makes reusing it easier. yes, i am one of those people who reuses ribbon, and tissue, and wrapping paper. fact: making origami boxes is pretty high on my list of fun. paper geek, i know!

triplette chair, paul menand

item: triplette chair
designer: paul menand
photos via: paul menand design
comments: this chair is designed to be used as one, two or three chairs. yes, i know it sounds confusing, but the design of each chair fits into the next so that when you only need one chair it stacks back together perfectly. love the simplicity of the design and the flexibility it offers without sacrificing beauty. nice.

wink, minneapolis

items: design work for honey and mackies, blu dot, daub and dauble, and muse perfumery
design firm: wink, minneapolis
images via: wink
comments: wink is a strategic brand design company headquartered in minneapolis. i have admired their work from the start. there is a focus, clarity and vision that reflects their clients' brands in the most delightful way. reviewing their work is what i like to call "filling the well". check out the link above to see more of their work. yes.

burdhaus, nathan danials

item: burdhaus line of modern bird houses
designer: nathan danials
photos via: burdhaus on etsy
comments: well, these modern bird houses just could not be passed up. they are created by nathan danials, a designer from minnesota. love the materials, colors and craftsmanship. check out the link above for more of his beautiful work. nice.