folding techniques for designers: from sheet to form, by paul jackson

item: folding techniques for designers: from sheet to form
designer: paul jackson
photos via: daily icon
comments: i have been dreaming of this book for awhile. thanks to a late birthday gift, it now resides with me. yes! paul jackson has a background in fine art and origami. he has created origami patterns, written many books on paper folding, taught folding to a number of design schools, and consulted with many design related companies. this book is a compilation of the folding exercises he has taught. what's interesting about this book is that it focuses on individual types of folds more than the finished model. this allows the reader to combine and or alter the folds according to their needs. elegant, modern, geometric, i can't say enough about how beautiful and useful this book is. here is a not-so-short list of the types of people who have benefited from his workshops: designers (fashion, graphic, architectural, industrial, jewelry, and interior), artists (sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and fine art) and engineers, model makers, mathematicians, and scientists. wow, it's impressive how far reaching the exercises in this book are.