balancing blocks, fort standard

item: balancing blocks
designers: gregory buntain and ian collings of fort standard
photos via: fort standard
comments: this set of balancing blocks is made from salvaged hardwood and painted in white and primary colors. the faceted edges are interesting visually as well as functionally because they allow more surfaces and angles to balance with. neat.

bike tube table, andrew thomson

item: bike tube table
designer: andrew thomson
photos via: andrew thomson
comments: the frame of the table is made of steel tubes that are cut at angles and welded together. the top of the table consists of bicycle inner tubes that are bolted to the frame. love, love, love the simplicity and contrast of the materials, the shape of the piece and the functionality. please check out the link above to see more of andrew's work. every time i see his work i am amazed and delighted with his talent.

lauren dicioccio

items: paintings from a series called, color codification dot drawings
artist: lauren dicioccio
images via: lauren dicioccio
comments: lauren's work is focused on the beauty in mass produced media and how they are becoming obsolete because of technology. the paintings shown here are made by placing frosted mylar over a magazine page. she then uses a color code assigned to each letter to paint a loose representation of the type and layout of the magazine spread. she intends for this work to impart of feeling of nostalgia for print media and the physical quality of it as we continue to move toward more and more electronic media. please check out the link above for more of her work. you'll be glad you did!

matthias heiderich

artist: matthias heiderich
photos via: matthias heiderich
comments: these photographs are amazing! matthias is a self-taught (even more amazing!) photographer working in berlin. composition and color in these pieces are exquisite. please use the link above to check out more of his work. wow.

shannon rankin

item: germinate
materials: maps, paper and pins
artist: shannon rankin, portland, maine
photos via: shannon rankin
comments: shannon is an artist who creates installations, sculptures and collages. most recently, her focus for materials has been maps. here is how she describes why she is focused on this material. “maps are the everyday metaphors that speak to the fragile and transitory state of our lives and our surroundings. rivers shift their course, glaciers melt, volcanoes erupt, boundaries change both physically and politically. the only true constant is change,” eloquent work and words.

r. m. phoenix

artist: r.m. phoenix
photos via: r.m phoenix
comments: these acrylic paintings on wood by abstract artist r.m. phoenix of london just could not be passed up. hope you enjoy them too.