wood and faulk, salt cellar

item: salt cellar/vase
photos via: wood and faulk
comments: what an amazing blog! wood and faulk is a blog that documents the work and projects of this talented designer from portland. wow. the incredible attention to detail and the high quality standards of his work are so very inspiring. can't say enough about his talent. the images here show a project he designed as a mother's day gift. you see the progression, starting with the finished piece and going back to the slab of wood he started with. please check out his blog and shop for more of his beautiful, beautiful work. yes!

ruth asawa

items: crocheted wire sculptures
artist: ruth asawa
photos via: ruth asawa
comments: these sculptures are made by crocheting them with wire, a technique that ruth learned early on. they have volume while also maintaining lightness and transparency. the patterns of the lines vary as they are viewed from different angles. fascinating.

vangelis paterakis

items: shadows, photographic series
artist: vangelis paterakis, greece
photos via: yatzer
comments: vangelis captures elusive shadows in these images that convey movement and life but are also just the right balance of abstraction and reality. there is something so elegant in the way he renders the essence of something so fleeting and intangible as a shadow. well done.

yellow diva

item: 2-3 series flat pack chair
designed by: yellow diva in collaboration with ck goff
photos via: yellow diva
comments: these chairs are laser cut from plywood and as shown in the image make use of virtually the entire piece of plywood. hardly any waste, nice. assembly is easy because the chairs slot together without the use of tools. colored cable ties are included to decorate the chairs with some color. fun.

maggie austin cake

artist: maggie austin
photos via: maggie austin cake
comments: maggie started out as a ballet dancer then went on to study french pastry arts. these cakes are magnificent. please check out her website for more of her wonderful work. sweet.

gustav reyes, sculptural wooden jewelry

artist: gustav reyes
photos via: gustav reyes
comments: these jewelry pieces (the first two are bracelets and the third is a necklace) by gustav are made from repurposed wood and formed with a cold bend process. the bends are fluid, the scale and shapes are well proportioned, and the execution is flawless. please check out his website to see more of his wonderful pieces.

motoi yamamoto

artist: motoi yamamoto
photos via: motoi yamamoto
comments: these installation pieces are made entirely of salt. the choice of material came from his sister's passing and japanese funeral tradition. most of the images shown are from a series called labrinth which hint at the difficult and elusive feeling of wanting to reconnect with someone you have lost. amazing scale, complexity and control over a very difficult medium. profound beauty. i am completely captivated by his work.

damien hirst

artist: damien hirst
images via: design addict, eye see finks, and poul webb.
comments: these pieces by hirst are part of a group made with multi colored dots. the first two images are of a piece called valium which was made in 2000 and is my favorite. enjoy.

christian montenegro

artist: christian montenegro
images via: christian montenegro
comments: christian started out working with alberto breccia, one of argentina's most renowned comics artists. he then went on to study graphic design. his illustration work is an interesting combination of the two experiences. the lines, color and expression are sublime. yes.

beatrix li-chin loos for galerie gosserez

item: bonsai-equilibre
designer: beatrix li-chin loos
photos via: galerie gosserez
comments: the bonsai-equilibre is an interesting design for a vase. scrap pieces of wood and corrugate are cut into various sized circles and then have a smaller circle cut into them. these circles are placed on top of each other and the glass tube slides through the smaller circles. this allows the vase to be free standing. i love that waste materials are being up cycled for this design, but I also love the color and scale of these pieces. even more interesting is that the end user can reconfigure this vase by changing the order of the circles and my swinging them around. on top of all that, the packaging is beautiful too. nice.

margherita marchioni, upcycled jewelry

items: upcycled jewelry
artist: margherita marchioni
photos via: materiamorfosi
comments: margherita is an artist from italy whose focus is on repurposing discarded materials. the pieces shown here are jewelry made from colored pencils and rubber bands. wow. the transformation of the materials from ordinary to exquisite is amazing. these are just two pieces from a whole body of work titled, materiamorfosi, which includes jewelry, bags and sculptures. please use the link above to see more of her work. incredible.