olivia decaris

item: 5, necklace
designer: olivia decaris
photos via: olivia decaris
comments: olivia is a french industrial designer and illustrator living in london. this paper necklace she designed uses two sets of five strips of paper which are woven together. the choice of material is interesting. the intention is that it is worn just once. the humble quality of paper makes sense for the short lived use, but the design elevates the humbleness with a dollop of sophistication. it's a thrill to see what such a simple, accessible material can become in the able hands of a talented designer. oh happy day!

jet mous

artist: jet mous
photos via: jet mous
comments: sometimes, well for me always, simple is beautiful. this trio of vases can be used individually or stacked. love the combinations with different colors. the simplicity of the cylindrical shape and the placement of the angled cuts, i don't know, it just sings! please check out the link for more of these incredible ceramic pieces. love.

imogen houldsworth

designer: imogen houldsworth
photos via: imogen houldsworth
comments: these images show imogen's experimentation with both digital and screen print techniques on textiles. the absence of color lets the complexity of the pattern shine. check out her website for more of her amazing work. lovely.

oji masanori

item: dustpan
designer: oji masanori
photos via: neest
comments: this simple dustpan is made of paper in japan. designers who work on unsung items like dustpans and can make their simplicity and beauty poetic like this, just make me ever so happy. nice!

lynn geesaman

artist: lynn geesaman
images via: mocoloco, george eastman house, and jackson fine art
comments: lynn's photographs are both vivid and obscure at the same time. the images are dramatic but the details seem to dissipate as you view them. they are moody and maybe even foreboding too. there is a balance to the tension that is captivating. well done!

harriete estel berman

item: grass, sculpture
artist: harriete estel berman
photos via: happy camper and mental contagion
comments: this sculpture is made from post-consumer tins that have been cut into "blades" of grass. the piece measures 9' x 9' and is made with over 32,000 individual blades. harriete works primarily with recycled materials for her art. the message here is that the perfect lawn is achieved at the expense of time, natural resources and money while also degrading the environment. it's a powerful piece with an equally powerful message.

kris trappeniers

items: hand cut paper stencil portraits
artist: kris trappeniers
photos via: thisiscolossal
comments: these portraits by belgian artist, kris trappeniers, are amazingly intricate and fluid. the level of detail and expression are unlike anything i've seen. the first image is of the final piece and the image below it shows the in-progress cutting of the portrait. what's equally amazing about these pieces is the intricate cutting as well as the artful placement of the spray paint. wow!

steve jones and yee-ling wan

item: stem vase
designer: steve jones and yee-ling wan
photos via: innermost
comments: innermost was started by two designers in london, steve jones and russell cameron. their focus is working and collaborating with designers all over the world to create products with the highest standards regarding materials, manufacturing and aesthetics. the stem vase is no exception. love the idea that one stem is all you need to appreciate the beauty of nature. the design gives that one stem more presence by creating an oversized cylinder with the outer wall of the vase. well done.

chen karlsson

item: platevase
material: porcelain
design firm: chen karlsson
photos via: designspirationsk and yanko design
comments: chen karlsson is a design firm based in stockholm. interesting story. members of the chen and karlsson families collaborated on a project back when they were in university together. years later they formed the design firm which combines their scandinavian and asian aesthetics. platevase is designed to display flowers or plant clippings along with tasty treats. what a yummy and happy combination! who doesn't want to come come to flowers and chocolates? beautiful design paired with whimsy and flavor. i vote yes!


item: the wise one, lamps
design firm: mammalampa
photos via: design milk
comments: mammalampa is a latvian design firm whose focus is on natural materials which have not been altered. the lamps shown above are hollowed out cores from tree trunks. when lit, the color of the lamps, soft lighting, and the amazing texture of the material are hard to resist.

stina persson

artist: stina persson
photos via: bloody loud!, daily bits of beauty and poppytalk
comments: stina is an illustrator in stockholm. she works in watercolors, collage, cut paper and photography. these images are beautiful, full of color and expressive. stunning.

pietari posti

items: illustrations
artist: pietari posti
photos via: pietari posti, pixel radio and designworklife and sprayblog
comments: pietari is a finnish designer, illustrator and artist living in barcelona. he has worked with wired, dwell, new york times and british airways, just to name a few. his work combines traditional and digital techniques which adds depth to his work. the lines, colors and composition in his work are exquisite. enjoy!

quantum table

item: quantum table
designer: jason phillips
photos via: yanko design and jason phillips
comments: the design of this table was inspired by quantum physics. yes, you read that correctly, quantum physics. interesting. the designer talks about how the transfer of energy between particles of matter informed the design. the base of the table, which is hand formed heavy gauge steel, implies the movement of the particles. love, love, love this! the lines of the base of the table are so fluid and light, which is in contrast to the strength and stability it provides to the top. pure genius.

shen-hui hsu

item: stone pencil sharpener
designer: shen-hui hsu
photos via: designboom
comments: shen-hui hsu is a designer from taiwan. the stone pencil sharpeners are beautiful in shape, form and volume. not only are they functional as a sharpener, they can also be used as a paper weight. i admire when designers work on everyday items that most people don't notice and make them functional and beautiful. there is something about giving thought and time to seemingly mundane items to transform them with poetic beauty while maintaining their utility that just makes me happy. enjoy!

fred eerdekens

item: could suggest something
material: copper and light source
artist: fred eerdekens
photos via: happiness is blog
comments: fred is a sculptor whose work shown here transforms when a light source is present. the lines are really beautiful and it's amazing how the abstract shapes create the lettering.