fractal garden

item: fractal garden
designer: legge lewis legge
materials: steel, soil, casters, ground cover plantings
photos via: legge lewis legge
comments: fractal garden is a group of 21 planters on wheels, each of which can be moved and regrouped to form an infinite number of designs. each of these 4-sided planters have been designed with angles that allow for many combinations. the math of the angles relates to fractal geometry which mimicks the structure of forms in nature. fractal garden was commissioned in 2009 for the 10th anniversary of the international garden festival, held annually at the jardins de metis, reford gardens, grand-métis, québec, canada. legge lewis legge is a public art and design studio based in new york and texas operated by architect murray legge aia and filmaker deborah e. lewis, both in austin, and artist andrea legge in new york city. check out their website to see all of their projects. amazing doesn't quite do this justice.