mobile food collective

item: mobile food collective, a group of flexible/mobile structures
designers: students at archeworks, a multidisciplinary, non-profit design organization in chicago.
materials: various recycled building materials donated by the rebuilding exchange in chicago.
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comments: this is an amazing, hope-filled story. it begins with a passion for healthy food education, social connection, cultural preservation and ends with design bringing all these things together to improve communities. this project helps to bridge the gap regarding access to food, the information needed to grow your own food, seed and recipe exchanges and cultural significance surrounding food. this is all accomplished with this fleet of mobile structures. the large structure contains a table and storage that doubles as seating. the smaller components are bikes and trailers which contain additional storage. the design makes it mobile which allows it to travel to areas that are in need. the mobile food collective was recently on display at the 2010 venice biennale and at the merchandise mart in chicago. check out the archeworks website for more information and to see how they are inspiring people to grow and cook healthy food while strengthening their community ties and sharing their cultures.